Before You Start Running


Before You Start Running

Running is a sport that is fairly inexpensive and doesn't require a whole lot of time.
  If you are intending on starting a running program, I really want to help motivate you so that you can run forever.
One of the things  I am so grateful for is I've run for 3 quarters of my life.
I know that running increases your chances of creating a healthy life for YOU. I know that sometimes YOU need motivation to get out there and RUN.

The New Runner!

Before you start, I want to inspire you to run and keep you running even if you think you can't! Anybody can be a runner. Anybody...
Don't ever think just because you don't think you look or act like a runner, that you can't be runner.
You are a runner the minute you start from the run/walk program.
There are people who start from the baby steps of walking, to the run/walking and  proceed to the beginning running program and amazing things are happening in there life. They have discovered the peace that in within them and believe that happiness is believing in yourself! They start training for races like the 5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon and even ultra marathons 50K/50Miler and 100K/100Miler.

 Learn to Run Gently

Another important point to make about running, is it only gets better if you learn to run gently. Meaning that you do not push yourself beyond what your are capable of or injury or loss of motivation endures. Injury is one of the biggest reasons why runners quit. I'm excited to be able to help you learn to run gently and keep you running in the beginner running, learn to run program!

Information About Running

This site is particularly for the New Runner that needs information, but it is also for the person who has come back to running or who is changing or adding this sport to their work outs.
I feel the information is invaluable as a long time runner, so please put this information to good use to increase your knowledge of running!
So lace up your shoes and enjoy!

Please enjoy!
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