Does life have control over You or do You have control over life?

Think back...
When was the last time you were really living with no stress?

Do you remember that feeling of control?...

Let me put a life scenario in your head...

You are eight years old, kicking the dirt in front of you while walking to your best friend's house.
There is no rush because you know you're going to get there.

Maybe you are walking through a busy city, a field or a park and the only sounds you hear are the natural sounds. 

Life around you is still moving, there are cars zipping by, horns honking, maybe even sirens blaring.

You are clued only to the sound of wind waffling past your ears or the subtle bird song that instantly lights up your heart. You might be listening to slight sounds, like the shuffling of grass or suddenly captivated by leaves swirling in the distance wind. Maybe it's winter and you cherish the beautiful sounds of silence and for a moment shush background interruptions, as you capture the snow's falling whisper.

Along the way you are not feeling rushed...
You glance at a squirrel from the corner of your eye as it sits and munches away peacefully on a nut. It's tail is shaking in anticipation of life.
Then you feel this sense of satisfaction as you stare as a bird busily creates a nest, flipping sticks and twigs in and around in anticipation of the life.

You stop and watch in your own silence.


At this time... Does life have control over you or do you have control over life?

This is your life...

Remember that feeling...
Such a true freedom...
I do wish I was 8 sometimes!
It is a state of being clear and unmixed, being able to watch life in anticipation while feeling free at the very moment.

Stress is an impelling force of pressure. 
The pressure of work, the pressure of an important event, or worry, anxiety or fear.
When you sit in stress all day long, day by day - you lose the benefits of feeling free!

Freedom is a state of being clear and unmixed.
When you Go back and remember that feeling of freedom, you are now dealing with the stress.

You Feel Happier Kicking Back
Don't try to find freedom, gravitate towards Happy and Contentedness.
 You will have control...
Freedom is with you now...You are not feeling rushed, but feeling like yourself.

If you feel out of sorts.
Stop...Remember the way you felt when you just kicked back...
It's a good feeling that is right there within you.

So, go outside and walk or run don't stress and let the  stress take care of itself . This is your tool to disintegrate all those negative feelings by leaving you clear to 
move on to better things.

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