Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get Fit and Learn to Run

All it takes is time and patience to get fit and learn to run!
Once you've got your mind set to exercise, this is when it's time for you to learn to  run.
The Story of The Beginner Runner

You venture out of the house, only to find that it is difficult to run from house to house let alone trying to run around the block!

It can be really tough to get fit and learn to run!
If you know nothing about a running plan or how to make goals, you'll run yourself into the ground.

You may  think that you'll be able to run up the street and around the block with no problems at all, but guess what?
You might just do it, but it's going to be hard, which could have you on the road to giving up...You don't want that...

 Will You Be a Miracle Story?
You might be one of those miracle stories, you know... The guy who loses 100lbs after running for 3 months!
Most of us struggle with our weight and don't  have a clue of  what to eat and how to run unless we have a good plan...
Unfortunately losing weight and running is not really as simple as you think....

Having a Running Plan
If you have a running plan that you can follow and lose weight, then it's pretty easy to get from the couch, to walking and then running up to a half hour or more and even losing unwanted weight.

The Truth
The truth is that lots of us end up quitting before we have even given running a chance.
If you follow a plan you could be running races by fall and doing marathons in a year.


 How you get fit and learn to run as a beginner runner...
  1. Take it slow, be patient with yourself and get yourself informed with some running tips and information.
  2. Sign up for my newsletter so that you have a plan and motivational tips.
  3. If you are a person that needs more, purchase it all in one package! (This is a great package, read about it!)
  4. Make sure you have proper running shoes and clothing.
  5. Be happy with yourself that you are finding something to make your life healthier.
  6. Don't forget the check-up by your doctor!

Run Your Best By Fall 
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  • 5K Training for Beginners
  • A Runners Guide to Nutrition
  • A Runner's Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries
  • How to Boost Your Metabolism
  • Healthy Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Planning Your Success
  • Healthy Soups for Healthy Living
  • Glycemic 101   
Getting fit and learning to run is actually fun when you have it all in a package.
Referring back to training schedules is something that you want to do when doing any program so that you can see your improvements.
Writing all your stuff in a running journal will help you to track your performances and keep you posted on your strengths and what you need to work on.
Most of all have fun learning to run and think positively about yourself!
You can do it!

Your Beginners Runner Informative:

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