Shoes to Fit

It's time now to get down to the dirty...

I'm talking about your feet and choosing running shoes for your feet that will benefit you on your running (run/walk) program . I've talked about this before and I get lots of questions about what type of running shoe is the best for you feet.

Shoes to Fit

When you are thinking about purchasing a running shoe, you really have to investigate what type of shoe you really need according  to your foot type.
Your feet are the most important part of your running program because they are the entrance to how you body absorbs impact.
Running in the wrong running shoe for too long will change your form and could cost you an injury.
That shock that comes from your feet hitting the pavement will run up to certain parts of your body that aren't built to absorb impact well. This of course depends on your form and  how you land on that surface.

You could wear a normal shoe and wear it running a few times, but eventually  you would feel signs of pain, hence you would have to change to a specialized running shoe.

Here is example using tires on a car:
If you were to drive a simple care down a really bumpy road for a month, what would happen to your car? Probably you would have to replace the shocks, there would be some tire issues and last but not least your car, from all that impact, would need adjustments to mechanics within.
. Change it up a bit by putting super absorbing tires and better shocks and you got yourself a car that loves the bumpy road.

Now for your feet and choosing running shoes for your feet!

Three types of shoe categories:

Motion control 

What category are YOU for running shoes?

Stick your foot in water and then stand on dry pavement, or a paper bag, the deck, the porch...
Look at your foot print...

Can you see the whole foot print?  

Flat  or low arch people need arch support to correct the too much motion.  
 Shoe Choices - Stability -100-130 Ibs person/ motion control- 140-200+lbs

Can you see the whole foot print except for the inside curve? 

This is close to normal, most of these people have good pronation in the foot and relatively good shock absorption.
Shoe Choices - Stability/neutral - 100-130 lbs/  Stability -140-185Ibs/ Stability/Motion Control -190-220+lbs

Can you see some of the foot print with the inside curve of the print extending to the outer center of foot?   

This is a high arch and most of these people need a good cushioned shoe to compensate for the shock. Neutral - 100-185 Ibs/ Neutral, Stability 180-220+lbs

Let me know in the comments section what you think. :D

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