Tuesday, March 22, 2022

It is never too late!

What is it? Are you walking around numb doing everything for everybody but yourself? What a life... the years go by so fast and then your life is over.
So... I guess it is too late to become... Become who? It is never too late. Never! Go write down three things that you really want to do now in your life! Even it is wanting to play the bagpipes, just write it down now. Life is never too short. Never! Go do that now and I'll let you know what to do next post!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Remedies for Chafing

picture credit -  Sherise - Unsplash 

List from worst to best...

A continuous rubbing of the skin in an area during running can cause a burning sensation and red rash.
Places on the skin where you sweat, stay moist and have friction are the worst!
 The nipple area, underarm areas, feet and anywhere where skin rubs to close to skin.

Prevention of Chafing

  • Dehydration can cause sweating which causes chafing, so the remedy to hydrate by drinking plenty of water, 1 or 2 glasses of water an hour before going for a walk or run.
  • Pour powder into the folded part of a tissue and fold close the ends and use as a powder puffer.
  • Vaseline apply thinly to skin area that rub, and in skin folds.
  •  dab olive oil on the areas.
  • Body Glide applied thinly.
  • Wear less abrasive clothing nylon and some combinations of synthetic clothing can be the worst. If you have to wear this clothing protect the areas with compression pants or tights. A synthetic bra with no seams or seams that are not in prone areas and that are not bunched, but rolled seamed edges.
  • moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coolmax and Drifit is  Dri-FIT, 45% polyester/39% nylon/16% spandex jerseys are the best materials. 100% cotton stays wet and can promote chafing.

Please leave a comment in the section below what remedies you use for preventing chafing.


Learn to Run Today!

 Runningmyspace FieldLearn to Run Today!

Young or old it doesn't matter when you start!

Runningmyspace running shoes

This is a running program for beginners that gently starts you run/walking and after 6 weeks you will be running 4 to 5 Kilometers.About 30 minutes of complete running!
By accomplishing goals and feeling healthier, you will love the freedom running brings to your life! Running and being active helps prevent diseases like obesity, degenerative maladies, and even cancer. That's why learning to run today will give you the freedom to really know yourself and your potential!
 Let Go!


Learn to Run - Run/Walk Program!

Why do we start running using the run/walk method?
  •  An easy method to stick to in the beginning.
  •  The run/walk method is gentler on your body.
  •  Changes are gradual and gentler which helps motivate you and encourages you to be challenged.
  •  With both walking and running mixed it's a positive activity for your health and fitness, eliminating stress and having you focus on what matters most in life.
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Here's a sneak preview!

This is what all Levels will do before and after run/walking.
  • Do warm up and cool down walk. 10min walk to start - 30 min run or run/walk - 10 to 15 min walk after.
  •  Make sure that you total is at least 40min.  This what it will look like. 10min walk - 20min run/walk - 10 to 15 min walk cool down.
  • Stretching helps your running program and prevents injury, so don't  forget to stretch! You can find the best stretches here!
Get psyched and Believe in yourself!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Smile, Happiness, Peace and Love


Don't worry about a thing, just sit back and read...

Don't worry, because it is time to let everything go.
In your mind while you move ahead a new year...

Will it really matter about the things that are making you crazy right now?
Smile, happiness, peace and love

Just Breathe
Just breathe once and hold to a count of four... and take another breath in and hold to another count of four... and repeat about 4times.
There... you did it!

Right now with hardly any work at all your brain just got the message to stop the rush of adrenaline and turned on the switch to relax...

 Life is peaceful...
Keep breathing slowly and methodically...

Think of a beautiful star that shines in the midnight sky... Now think of it intensifying and growing brighter, but yet not a brightness that causes pain in your eyes...

It is a reasurring light that is growing and telling you to listen....

Listen to the voice, feel for the nudge.
The balance is slowly falling onto your shoulders. It's a balance that will take you to your inner voice and give you the answers in life that you are looking for.

  So... have a good day, smile and maybe if you have time run.
  Happiness just walked in.
  Peace Love

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Benefits of Walking While Running

Stepping out your front door...

You may immediately set sail, whisking those happy feet into a running trot only because you are crunched for time or don't know any better. You think your doing yourself a favour embarking on this running thing!

Your are - nevertheless your run deserves better!

Not warming up or cooling down...

Could have dire consequences on your running and have you missing out on something so wonderful, eventually leaving you to abolish running forever!

When I get back from a fantastic run, I'm hooked on the positive and everything comes my way!

I know you just want to run and get going, but the benefits of walking before, during and after your run are huge. Most people don't know why they feel so awful when they run and chalk it up to just a bad day.

Let's look at some of the uncomfortable ailments runners can be plagued with and the four best times to walk.

These might be your problems...
  • a side stitch
  • sluggish legs
  • aches
  • pains
  • shortness of breath
  • lightheaded
  • headache
  • disappointments
  • slowing times 
The point is You go out to run, feel good and keep feeling this good all day!


Four Best times to Walk

1.  In the beginning walking sets the stage...

You get to reflect on what you're doing for your run and how you're going to do it. Walking is good in the beginning, all those muscles are getting ready to work and all those organs are getting ready to expand and pump. This all happens gradually and walking will do this comfortably and gently for you.

If you think of your car in the winter, it needs time to warm up or else it won't sound or feel good. Your car will drive rough and you will feel the need to go back.

2. Walking relaxes your running in the middle...

While running you can do intervals of run/walking and walking which is great for recovery.
 Running for 2 or 10 minute intervals with walking breaks between each run, will get you ready for the next interval! This is great for beginners, for 5K training or even marathon race training!

3.  Walking completes your moments...

Walking is the BEST tool to cool down your heart!
After you're finished running, walking helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure towards normal. If all of a sudden you stop, blood rushing to the heart suddenly slows, surprising and depriving the brain of oxygen! Your heart needs to slow down gradually or you will feel uncomfortable and feel lightheaded.
If you've ever seen people get very red faced and pale, it's usually because they didn't do the crucial cool down.
It could even be dangerous for people with unknown heart problems.

4.  Walking when you don't feel like running...

After a busy day, it's nice to smell the roses and just walk. You don't always have to run! You'll actually feel better about running if you give yourself the kindness of a break by doing a brisk walk instead.

Today don't forget to apply a walking plan before, during and after your run. If things just don't feel right, keep going and make it a walking day or add more walking in the middle of your run!

Only 10 minutes of walking is all it takes in the beginning and end of your run to get your body and heart ready for what is next to come ...

********** I always recommend a doctors check up before starting any exercise program, especially if you are over the age of 40.**********

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why do we need running shoes?

While shoes are hugely in the market for keeping your feet healthy, things I have experienced have made me feel differently.

Why do we need running shoes?

Well, to keep our feet healthy ...

With a frenzy of injuries, while running, we are so eager to get the right fitted running shoe. Protection while running is extremely important, because they say if we don't have the right support we could end up with hip, knee, shin, back or feet injuries to name a few! I do believe this to a certain extent!

Are we all being sold a bunch of bunk?
I mean listen, we weren't born with shoes on our feet, we actually learned how to walk better and learn faster as infants with no shoes. It looks very awkward watching a baby try his first steps in shoes compared to watching him/her learn on bare feet!

  • Does this hype wearing highly conditioned and expensive shoes have merit?
  • Did we just teach ourselves to need shoes?
  • Have we conditioned our feet that way?
  • Are they running shoes or running shields?
  • Does Fashion have something to do with it?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!
With technology there is the advent of change, change for the better shoe. We need a good looking shoe with lots of protection from the constant jarring from running and we need a shoe that will last...Because we have out of shape feet?

Not to ridicule, but...Is this what we need?

  • We need an expensive well supported shoe so that are feet can relax and our minds can go back to better things. Like dreaming about the next running shoe idea...
  • Do you think that we have been brainwashed and taught to think that we need the good looking shoe with super protection?
  • I guess it just isn't ethical to run barefoot because you might step on something. Uh...Mostly the ground, something our feet were made to step on.
  • Our feet are conditioned and don't know how to walk comfortably barefoot let alone run. These running Shields protect us from everything, even from remembering how to walk properly. We get a shoe to do that for us.
  • Don't forget that we need something on our feet to look better than us...Are we not beautiful anymore without accessories?
Think back...

So when did the old added support for your feet come in?

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s our shoes had limited support. I don't remember worrying too much about support... Although I was quite young...It was really how fast the shoe was, by making better traction and a lighter shoe.

I remember a pair of  Adidas that I never wanted to give up, they had hardly anything to them except the cool strips. It was almost like running barefoot. I had to get rid of them because both my baby toes were shooting out the sides! Support really came in the late 1980s with the Michael Jordan's celebrity-induced, Nike Air Jordans and then shoes just blossomed from there...

Just my theory...
I think that our shoes today have almost so much support that we are actually causing ourselves injury...

We seem to always need something on our feet. By the time we have spent at least 20 years with so much foot support we risk injury. We risk injury walking around on bare feet. I wonder how many people had planters fasciitis in the last century? Isn't that partly caused by an inflexible arch?

So this is my thing...

I had a sore foot for the last 2 months and had to take a lot of running time off. I went away on vacation and went barefoot in the sand. We were at the beach, so why wear shoes? All week I spent the time on my bares! I did worry a bit because I always wear shoes and supportive slippers at home...I really worried I was going to make my injury worse! Funny thing is my feet felt better when I got home and I felt like I finally gave my feet exercise!

Exercise you say?

Yes, exercise...I know it sounds silly, but I now believe if we don't have to wear shoes, we should be going more barefoot. Our feet are becoming out of shape, weak and too supported. We don't know how to walk on our own two bare feet because we're so used to being supported.
Needless to say, I came home and wore shoes again and the pain in my foot came back. It is either one of the pairs of shoes I wear or maybe a hint that my feet need better conditioning without the super foamed supported shoes.

So now I walk barefoot whenever I can and I also have found some super exercises to do for my feet while I go barefoot.
You as a runner may say, "Don't neglect your feet and always get a well-fitted shoe."
This is important...
But you gotta wonder...
For the beginner runner, I definitely would suggest a good supported running shoe, but don't neglect to give your bares some exercise too. Your poor feet are begging you to.
Interesting article about why 'Barefoot Running' is better!
What are your thoughts?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yoga to Prevent Running Injuries

Doesn't it seem that once you get one running injury under control another one creeps out right behind it? 
 Or when you're in the depths of a
 learn to run program or training to run a 5k, 10K, Marathon or Ultra Marathon you have to quit because of an injury...

It can be so frustrating trying to prevent running injuries! 


One of the best ways to protect yourself from running injuries is to do stretches, but doing this is sometimes not enough.

  Your body needs alignment and proper stretches to prevent injuries.
 Your body needs a program that does all this to prevent running injuries.  This is where Runner's Yoga comes in. This system has helped me stay injury free for awhile now!

30 minutes of Runner's Yoga 

compliments your running program and your life!  

My Story and how I got Interested in Runner's Yoga...
Awhile back... I had a nagging hip injury that started from running with shin splints, caused by improper posture and strengthening.  I came upon a site where a person commented negatively about running and how the injuries runner's get - eventually cripple the body!

(I hear people say this kind of thing a lot...)

The commenter thought running was really bad for you and quoted.
"Running is bad for joints, muscles and the whole body!"
 His final comment was,
"I feel sorry for all you runners because running makes you old!" 
 What a horrible thing to read when I've been running for so many years!

You know, I didn't believe this for one minute, but yes he was right...
Runner's do get injuries and quite frequently.

Needless to say I felt a bit compelled and this prompted my curiosity to do some research to find out why runner's  have so many injuries and if running really had the potential of being listed as an occupational hazard. 
What I found was running is actually better for your health than you think!
  • Running is excellent for your bones!
  • Running is excellent for your muscles!
  • Running is excellent for your cardiovascular system!
  • Running is excellent for your respiratory system!
  • Running is excellent, excellent for your everything!
And for the part that running makes you old...
Running actually regenerates all the cells in your body and can make you look and feel younger right down to your cellular level.
     That's good news!
     The long and short of it, runner's do suffer a lot of injuries.

    So what's the problem then, why are all of us runners getting injuries?

    Here's what I've discovered.
    When you age you lose strength and flexibility even if you're active!

    Ah ha...It's inevitable, it just happens because we become less active in a 24 hour period.
    Things that age and don't get used, become brittle and break.

    Toddlers, they move in and around, strengthening and flexing their little muscles onto couches, floors and chairs and are great at developing their flexibility and strength!

    Yes, toddlers are building many muscles we don't even know exist any more! The last time you crawled and climbed all around like a toddler was probably when you were a toddler.

    Running is a great exercise and builds some muscles, but not enough to keep you strong and prevent you from running into injuries.

    This is when I found Runner's Yoga

    Doing  yoga will increase your flexibility, so your muscles and joints stay limber and flex better. Your body gradually aligns and strengthens so every running step is nice and strong.

    Yoga builds strength in your joints and muscle and this is a big plus.
    Those muscles that are not being used while you run are built during the Runner's Yoga process.

    • The large and small  muscles support one another. 
    • This also spells out a faster metabolism...
    • More muscle means more fat burned...

    A lot of runners use Runner's Yoga!

    Doing Yoga will ignite every part of your body that needs to be ignited, because you are giving your body the attention it needs, hence it will prevent running injuries!
    Runner's Yoga is a Total Mind-Body Workout you can do on your own ... almost anywhere ... in just 30 minutes!  
    Your Running Program Needs a Yoga Program!
    It's for anybody. 
    It's for all levels of fitness and flexibility. If you are interested in giving your body a lift this program adds strength, agility and inner peace.
    I strongly recommend this program.

    It 's easy, now you can order by Paypal!
    Visit Runner's Yoga

    Please leave a comment a let me know how you feel :)

    It is never too late!

    What is it? Are you walking around numb doing everything for everybody but yourself? What a life... the years go by so fast and then your li...