Saturday, February 21, 2015

Learn to Run Today!

 Runningmyspace FieldLearn to Run Today!

Young or old it doesn't matter when you start!

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This is a running program for beginners that gently starts you run/walking and after 6 weeks you will be running 4 to 5 Kilometers.About 30 minutes of complete running!
By accomplishing goals and feeling healthier, you will love the freedom running brings to your life! Running and being active helps prevent diseases like obesity, degenerative maladies, and even cancer. That's why learning to run today will give you the freedom to really know yourself and your potential!
 Let Go!


Learn to Run - Run/Walk Program!

Why do we start running using the run/walk method?
  •  An easy method to stick to in the beginning.
  •  The run/walk method is gentler on your body.
  •  Changes are gradual and gentler which helps motivate you and encourages you to be challenged.
  •  With both walking and running mixed it's a positive activity for your health and fitness, eliminating stress and having you focus on what matters most in life.
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Here's a sneak preview!

This is what all Levels will do before and after run/walking.
  • Do warm up and cool down walk. 10min walk to start - 30 min run or run/walk - 10 to 15 min walk after.
  •  Make sure that you total is at least 40min.  This what it will look like. 10min walk - 20min run/walk - 10 to 15 min walk cool down.
  • Stretching helps your running program and prevents injury, so don't  forget to stretch! You can find the best stretches here!
Get psyched and Believe in yourself!

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