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I have been a runner for almost 30 years...

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I believe the type of training you receive plays a very big part in the type of runner you become. If you received training that is too pressured and negative you will walk away with a negative experience about running and may never run again.

I struggled on my high school team and didn't want to run anymore, but when I remembered the moments I had with just me and the control I had for just me...I knew I couldn't stop and became the runner I am today. Thank goodness I didn't go the other way and give up!

I have enjoyed 30 years of excellent health because of running. Every time I step out the door and go for a run, I know I am adding valuable years to my life. We all know that running prevents so many diseases and at the same time, will keep you peacefully whole as a person.
Yes injuries do happen, but if a running program is done gradually and you build on it slowly...
Injuries may never happen.
 Running is good for your bones!
Running promotes bone growth, not breaks them down.

With all of life stresses, I can't think of a better sport.You can run on your own for peace and quiet or run with a group for socializing and motivation. If you truly need something new and positive in your life, you have to find running!
I absolutely love running and have learned so much all these years!
New runners need encouragement and praise everyday!
Running is sometimes hard...
I'm here to help motivate YOU!

Occasionally I've had to hang up my shoes because of injury. My goal now is to still enjoy more running...
I am thrilled to now gently train people of all ages, to become excellent healthy runners too.This site is for the runner in all of us, that part of you that has a hard time getting out there!
I'm very passionate to run with you!

I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Are you getting the information you need to start running?
If not what kind of information can I offer you?
Have you ever thought about entering a race?
What about a half marathon or marathon?
Did you know that even people who run walk go in marathons!

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It is never too late!

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