Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can I Keep Running forever?


You've asked yourself this very question...
 Can I keep running forever?

I hope I can help you answer this question and if you answered "No" I can help you change your mind!

 Did you start running because you wanted to lose weight and get in better shape?

Loads of first time runners run for this very reason, this is probably the initial reason why I started running!
But the problem is you don't think you'll  love running and stay with it forever!
You have to truly believe in yourself. 
Say these two sentences to yourself a few times.
  • I am a runner. 
  • I'm running forever.

So let's get started and get you running forever!

 First though we have to figure out why you quit running? 

The first sign of trouble is getting stuck, stuck in the mud in your running.
You hit the road and diligently followed a pattern of running for a few days...
and then a week...and then a month... and then more running..............................................and then you quit.
You stay with it for awhile, grazing, giving running little spritz of energy when your able, but ultimately you get stuck in the unconscious mud, trying to hang on to why you got started and not knowing what to do next.

You don't see the benefits!   
You're stuck and don't know what to do!
Benefits like:
  •  weight loss
  • increasing your distance
  • good well being (happy with your body and self) are all not there!

You're thinking changes and running is seen as too much work.
Some of you dread the runs or push too hard and get injured! 
Then you go back months later to running, and run on-and-off, and on-and-off...Year in and year out. 
Doing this pattern year after year - never gets anybody anywhere!  

You know there's a light at the end of that running tunnel, but you never really reach it!
The frustrating part is...
You see other people who are there and have great stories achieving their running successes!

You're thinking...
It's helpless.

I want you to be the one that is still running today and can keep running forever! 
I want you to make running a part of your life!
 Like brushing your teeth.

Here a  some reasons why you still haven't made running a part of your weekly every day life
  • It's hard to get out there and run when it feels like everybody is looking at you.
  • You're not sure how far to go.
  • You feel too fat or too skinny.
  • What are you going to wear?
  • You hate sweating...
  • You're not coordinated.
  • You have asthma.
  • It makes you sick.
  • Your face gets too red.
  • You don't want to run alone.
  • You have bad knees.
  • You have bad ankles.
  • You don't want to run.
All your life you're are faced with challenges that you are either successful at or not. I want you to look at running as a success. I've heard plenty of stories of people who have changed their life around running, and they never thought they could run for more than 30 seconds! Now they are running marathons!
Believe that every time you try something new, all by itself you are successful because you tried! So those of you that have tried the beginner runner plan and don't believe that you can succeed, I want you to give your self a huge pat on the back just because you thought about it.

So lets go a step further or should I say a step back...

The Cause...
We started out as babies believing that we could do anything. We reached to the sky with no fear, until we were stopped thank goodness in some respects because, most of us wouldn't be here right now. 

We're afraid of not being good enough!

My point is fear can sneak up on us, we don't even know it's there. 
So when you ask yourself...Can I keep running forever?
Of course you are going to feel defeated, because life can sometimes be a defeating experience!

 Life can leave us fearful of so much that we believe that there really isn't much we can do about it.

Built up fears from  past memories can cause havoc and stop us in our tracks.

Things like...
  •  Trying out for sport's teams and not making them can make you feel like you're not good enough and cause you to fear trying any sports again.  You just think your not athletic.
  • Or even just daily activities like making supper and having negative comments about what you made can cause you to say your not good enough at cooking. 
  • What about loving what you are wearing one day and getting laughed at by strangers or friends.
So let us get back to the question "Can I keep Running forever?" 

With all the past that comes to haunt you and fear at your back step, most non-runners would answer, 'not this year', 'not for very long', 'I don't like running it hurts' and on and on including all the comments from above...So now realize it is fear and move out of its way. 

Just that realization can make fear fade...

There is nothing to fear if you do it right.

If you look at running in a different perspective and realize that this is what you were built to do, then you may look at beginning running differently. 

A real Goofy example: 

How the heck did they get that bearskin from that bear without doing a little bit of running in old times?  
Way before our time and before any sort of transportation we ran...and ran and ran!
We have the advantage of real transportation now, don't we?
Unfortunately at our own expense, and our bodies are starving to run!
There point made...

Our bodies are conditioned to run...The makers of Fred Flinstone had it right...
"You want to get to a place, you run." Even with a car attached around your waist.

Why does running hurt sometimes?

Running hurts in the beginning because it's new conditioning..
Our brains are now wired to sit back and get there..
Who can blame anyone?
It's the way it is...
This is another reason why you just had that inner nudge to run!

 I really want to keep you motivated and have you realize that you can run! 
And run forever you will...
Running is natural, it is a good feeling if you learn to do it right and I can show you a great program that will help...
A beginner runner really needs to start running from the very spot they just got off...which is usually the couch, the computer chair, the car, the...

Can You keep Running Forever?
Of course you can...
You just have to follow a program that will get you from A to B and gently bring you to running free and feeling great, so that you will want to run forever. 
Not only will you gain confidence in yourself, but all those fears that you have built up over the years simply slip away with every running step you take.

The biggest success in life is relieving stress and being happy. 
That's what running will do for you! 
So Keep on Running.
Here is what I promised, do to now.
The price is really worth it, because it's like having your own personal trainer
The Couch to 5K... Learn to Run Program
Here is a little info about Jago:
Jago Homes is a qualified and experienced trainer who has worked with hundreds of runners successfully!  He has his own program the Couch To 5K Running in 6 Weeks!
And what a great program!
If you want to see real changes and actually start to like running,  take a look at the Couch to 5K Running in 6 Weeks program! You might find yourself looking in the mirror at the new you!
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