Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Learning to Run on Trails

Learning To Run on Trails

Running on trails has got to be the most relaxing way to run. You are off absorbing the natural surroundings and it almost makes you forget that you are running. A good choice would be to run trails on your long runs, because you run them usually slower and you are able to train comfortably.

Breathe  fresh air and enjoy natures sounds!

If you are in the beginning of the learn to run program you could enjoy a great run/walk work-out using different land marks to focus on.
One of the interesting things about running trails is that it offers different muscles to work-out, this will help you develop better balance.
Trail Running is more forgiving on your body

Running on the trails makes you feel like a kid just out there having fun. 

It's almost like playing...

Read my about my running on trails one spring day! It was an adventure!

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