Friday, September 3, 2010

Prevent Running Injuries With Help From Runner's World!

Runner's World (1-year auto-renewal) Plenty of times I've had sore feet after a run...Sometimes I ignore the aches or sometimes I ice my pains.
I silently wonder if I should get them looked at...

  • While learning to run or training always be aware of your feet and their pains...sometimes it could mean that you are in need for a new pair of shoes or most importantly changing to a new and efficient running form. 
  • Many knee injuries can be prevented first by recognizing your foot pains. Prevent problems first by being aware of the aches in your feet. If the pain becomes regular and you aren't finding any relief, go see your doctor who will hook you up with a specialist and will address the issue. 
  • Condition your feet before you put your shoes on by doing the barefoot work-out!
Your feet will love you...the barefoot work-out
Runner's World has a great bunch of exercises for exercising your feet and strength training.
Get them in top condition and preventing running injuries! Your feet will love you for it!

Your feet are supported all day with all the super supportive shoes and they become lazy! They almost forget they have muscles. 
Check out these exercises!
 Prevent Running Injuries With Help From Runner's world!

Are you thinking of joining a half marathon or marathon?
Runner's World can help you out! Watch this video and find out how. You may not be ready for such big races, but keep this in the back of your mind.

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