Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Benefits of Walking While Running

Stepping out your front door...

You may immediately set sail, whisking those happy feet into a running trot only because you are crunched for time or don't know any better. You think your doing yourself a favour embarking on this running thing!

Your are - nevertheless your run deserves better!

Not warming up or cooling down...

Could have dire consequences on your running and have you missing out on something so wonderful, eventually leaving you to abolish running forever!

When I get back from a fantastic run, I'm hooked on the positive and everything comes my way!

I know you just want to run and get going, but the benefits of walking before, during and after your run are huge. Most people don't know why they feel so awful when they run and chalk it up to just a bad day.

Let's look at some of the uncomfortable ailments runners can be plagued with and the four best times to walk.

These might be your problems...
  • a side stitch
  • sluggish legs
  • aches
  • pains
  • shortness of breath
  • lightheaded
  • headache
  • disappointments
  • slowing times 
The point is You go out to run, feel good and keep feeling this good all day!


Four Best times to Walk

1.  In the beginning walking sets the stage...

You get to reflect on what you're doing for your run and how you're going to do it. Walking is good in the beginning, all those muscles are getting ready to work and all those organs are getting ready to expand and pump. This all happens gradually and walking will do this comfortably and gently for you.

If you think of your car in the winter, it needs time to warm up or else it won't sound or feel good. Your car will drive rough and you will feel the need to go back.

2. Walking relaxes your running in the middle...

While running you can do intervals of run/walking and walking which is great for recovery.
 Running for 2 or 10 minute intervals with walking breaks between each run, will get you ready for the next interval! This is great for beginners, for 5K training or even marathon race training!

3.  Walking completes your moments...

Walking is the BEST tool to cool down your heart!
After you're finished running, walking helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure towards normal. If all of a sudden you stop, blood rushing to the heart suddenly slows, surprising and depriving the brain of oxygen! Your heart needs to slow down gradually or you will feel uncomfortable and feel lightheaded.
If you've ever seen people get very red faced and pale, it's usually because they didn't do the crucial cool down.
It could even be dangerous for people with unknown heart problems.

4.  Walking when you don't feel like running...

After a busy day, it's nice to smell the roses and just walk. You don't always have to run! You'll actually feel better about running if you give yourself the kindness of a break by doing a brisk walk instead.

Today don't forget to apply a walking plan before, during and after your run. If things just don't feel right, keep going and make it a walking day or add more walking in the middle of your run!

Only 10 minutes of walking is all it takes in the beginning and end of your run to get your body and heart ready for what is next to come ...

********** I always recommend a doctors check up before starting any exercise program, especially if you are over the age of 40.**********

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  1. I like the walk/run combination, because my knees are shot. I do my walk/run with a golden retriever, so he needs to take little breaks to do his business.

    1. The best times walking is with my Sister's or Mom's dog. :D Awesome Ana getting out there! Sorry about your knees!


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