Sunday, September 16, 2007

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

You pull the covers off your bed feeling the anticipation of a nice morning run. It is one of those beautiful days with the sun just about to peak over the horizon. But... you feel that feeling of not being able to move. Inside you can't wait to get out---your body says differently. Do you go out for that nice run? It's tempo running today! These are big decisions to make this morning. I have been feeling a little peaked lately, but I run anyway. This morning I felt lousy and so I decided, "No!!!!!!" I had a to talk out loud! Running is like an addiction, a cup of coffee, your daily bowel movement, you vitamin, your LIFE. When you miss it you feel as though you walked into the wrong world for the day. Yes you are still living and still doing, but that cancelled scedualed run has you out there running in your head all day! My inner voice was saying, "Gigi find something to replace and satisfy." --- I did what I had to do around the house and off I was with the family for a hike on my trails. Sometimes I think I run too much! I should be thinking instead that my runs have to wait for the next day off... with my family!

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