Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is That Feeling...Freedom

Freedom...The word itself sends a sense of calmness to my body. It sends a clear message that everything is going to be OK. That I am free from stress, from the things in life that keep me tied down tight. Waking in the morning and finding the sun shine down on me and it's feeding me warmth and happiness. Sometimes I roll over and grumble, then tuck my head under the blankets already feeling defeated. Defeated by who? Myself, because I just can't seem to feel happy. All these wonderful things happening around me, but I can't seem to pick myself up and saunter into a living life. Remember that feeling, that feeling of freedom walking to a friends house and not worrying! You were very young and naive. You have no feelings of conforming with society. You are just a kid. Kicking a stone infront of you, watching a bird or squirrel. Loving and living life. No one to stop you from being you. You talk to yourself or sing. You imagine and you feel what surrounds you. You are you. You are yoouuu! Ok now when I snap my fingers you are sitting at a computer endlessly typing jargon of some sort. Or you are a zombie person going from point A to point B every 8 hour of your daily life. You need to be able to take that negative away and be yourself...So make sure that you end up at your away space to unload and do nothing but that! Your happiness is depending on it. When you wake up the next morning you have an important message to send to yourself. Tell yourself that you are happy and that today will be a happy day... And it will.

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