Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do You Have A Story?

I have a few stories, but I would love to read more!!! Some of them are very sad and some of them are not. It is comforting to write down what has happened to you in your life. Sometimes the story maybe really long and sometimes the story maybe short. Whatever, when you write down the story of your life, you will discover how important you really are!! Look at all the points that were monumental and changed your life forever. Look at how sadness has shaped you and your family. Then you can ask yourself, "How did I cope?" Because we all figure out ways to cope. We learn to cope in good ways and sometimes in not so good ways.
Go look inside yourself and ask what story you have to share.
My story started when I was 8 years old and my little brother died of asthma. It took us all by surprise! (naturally) He was such a happy little guy, who used to sneak in between my sister's and my bed. We would eagerly make his spot so cozy and put a light and cover over like a tent. I was small at eight and even remember excitedly going to the park across the road with 'Michael' on my shoulders!!! And then one dreary day March 16Th he was gone and never seen again. It was horrendously tragic to me and my whole family. Then a few weeks later my mother was suppose to see her mother who lived out west. Sadly the engagement was missed. My mother's mother (Grandmother) was killed by a drunk driver. So much for running home to mother! This really rocked our family for years. We still never talk about it!
Please tell me your story! You will feel a little lighter!

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