Friday, May 7, 2010

3 Excellent Stretches For Running!

Here is a short video on stretching!

The Top 3 Running Stretches

While warming up before you do your work-out is good, stretching if done right, will enhance your running.  Some people find that they risk injury doing stretches before, but if done carefully and slowly these stretching exercises provide great flexibility.  
Here are 3 excellent stretches for running that you can do after a 5 minute walk or light jog warm up. 
I try to do the calf stretches before I run and after the cool down I do these top 3 running stretches. 
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running stretch for the quads
Kneeling Quad Stretch:
Kneel on one foot and
the other knee. If needed,
hold on to something to
keep your balance and
then push your hips forward.

running stretch for the hamstrings
Standing High-leg 
Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch:
Stand with one foot raised
onto a table.Keep your
leg bent and lean your
chest into your bent knee.

running stretch for the achilles
Standing Toe-up Achilles Stretch:
Stand upright and
place the ball
of your foot
onto a step or
raised object. Bend

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