Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Gear For Running

Gore Lady System II Gore-Tex Running Jacket - Medium

Watch out for the ice and get the right winter gear for running!

Winter Running Gear and Training

I know that a lot of you have good shoes, but sometimes you need better traction.  
Yaktrax is a great winter running gear and a smart invention to keep you upright running on snow and ice. 
I use them and love them!
I have tried different things to keep me steady in the winter, even to the point of putting screws in the bottom of my shoes for good traction!
Yaktrax pull the band of thick rubber over your shoe with the small coils sitting at the bottom.  They are good winter gear for walkers too!
 Give Yaktrax a try!

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice,Black,Medium
It can get bitterly cold out there, so make sure your winter gear for running is an appropriate winter running jacket . You want a jacket that is light and protects you from the wind and wet and that you can put over layers. 

When the snow is deep and it's hard to run, it can be fun to try and run through it! My best option for winter gear for running in the deep snow are running snowshoes! They are fun and a different kind of workout!

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