Thursday, May 24, 2007

Running With the Bugs!

I love running on the trails in the woods. 

It's early season and I hadn't realized running
with bugs would be an issue! 

What a buggy run it was... 

The weather was a nice soft 28 degrees Celsius, (that is about 85ish Fahrenheit). I was happy it was warm, I've missed the warm temperatures because, of a long cool spring.


Running With The Bugs

I knew it was going to be a harder run as I ventured out the door and tried to suck humid air up my nostrils. 

I started running through the trees, down the hill, past that stinky old raccoon-poop infested barn, and into the woods. 

The woods had changed since a couple of days ago, it was much darker from the maple leaves showing in full bloom. The shady trees and the mist blocked the sunlight and made it feel like I was deeper in the woods than I really was ...

I kept on going enjoying the coolness of the shade and ventured to the path called the Snowman Trail. The trail follows along the river on one side and is about 1/4 of a kilometer around before you venture uphill. Feeling really good into my run I was hit with a swarm of the most irritating bugs! I know this kind of fly and was surprised they were out so early. I should have known better because they love the hot humid heat, but I wasn't thinking...  

Running With The Bugs

These most annoying flies are called the deer fly and they hang around all summer. Especially if you are near rivers, streams or ponds. The woods I run happens to be in my backyard, so I know about the deer fly and the nature of their behavior. Sometimes the deer flies are so bad it's like hitting a wall of bugs swarming all around you. It, unfortunately, bans me from my favorite place to run!


Running With The Deer Fly

Getting back to my run...
The deer flies drove me crazy as they flew in their frenzy around and around my head trying to get a bite. 
It was awful!

My neck was getting an occasional painful bite from these eager biting guys. I must have looked really funny flailing my arms to try to deter them! Unfortunately, this was attracting more and more of them and making them crazy! 

I did some research awhile ago and from what I understand, these are female deer flies. For these females to reproduce they become bloodthirsty to feed so they can make eggs to reproduce. I realized I was only adding to my only problem letting them feed on me! 

Running With The Bugs -  The Deer Fly Patch

Searching for a solution, I found these deer fly patches which work excellent! I used these last year (I wish I would have had them today) and loved that I didn't have to worry about them biting me and flying around my head. I was amazed coming back from a run with a patch full of deer bugs! Each time I ran there was about 20 or more deer flies stuck to the deer fly patch! 

How it works...
Running With The Bugs

It works by pressing the sticky deer fly patch on the back of your running hat or head gear. The patch is sticky on both sides, one for to stick on your hat and the other for the bugs. The deer flys in their frenzy fly right into the sticky patch. 

Instead of the deer flies buzzing around your head, they are attracted to the patch on the back of your hat and are stuck there. 

... And they keep on buzzing. 
It's quite a buzz because they keep on buzzing and buzzing... And buzzing.

Some might find the buzzing irritating or the fly patch even a bit mean. Believe me, if you were out there you'd welcome this relief. For me, it's about enjoying my time in the woods running to decompress and reboot from busy days.  

Things I wouldn't recommend.

Do not use in your hair, they are meant to stick on a hat, bandana or something to cover your head. Or it would be difficult to get the patch off - not to mention it would hurt. 

If you are bald it might work for you. Just kidding... (Not funny!)

Today's run turned out ok. I ran away from the river and that did make a difference in a number of deer flies following me. When I finished my run, I jumped into our refreshing pool. I felt I was lucky after all, I only had gotten 4 bites to boot. I can't wait to have the deer fly patch on next run to catch the bugs from my sticky patch backside!

Here is more information if you are thinking of using the Deer Fly Patch, click the link to find out more.

12 Deerfly Patches TredNot Deer Fly Strips

I'd love to hear your comments and what you do about bugs while running.

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