Friday, May 25, 2007

The Tractors are Coming!

What a busy run! It wasn't the bugs that were chasing me out of the woods -- it was the tractors! Yes you heard right. They were all around and in between. My normally quiet woods was bombarded with loud tractor noises. I had my MP3 going and I still could hear them. I really didn't mind them except when I run I like to be alone or it is difficult to concentrate on the run. I wanted to do a tempo run today---(this is when after 4kilometres you start to go at about 75percent of your maxium.) I needed to get focused, but all I could think of is ---tractor--- and where is it? What field is it in? Up down all around? I was happy though, I wore my trusty deer fly tape and returned with not a one stuck in it. They were actually pretty good bugs today. ------I think maybe only one flew by.

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