Sunday, May 27, 2007

Muggy and Competitive Run

I thought it was cooler than it was today! The heat was amazing and the way the humid air made my rain pants stick to my legs was really a quite creepy feeling. It started out OK and I brought my sister along for company. No MP3 --- Just wouldn't be polite. Anyhow we headed towards the snowman trail. She didn't eat and I did, so we have these quiet competitions with one another. (Maybe it's just in my head!) I thought for sure I would cream her. NO...I was dying inside. I littered every piece of clothing, without being indiscreet, all over the woods floor. It was not necessarily hot, but the air could of held tin cans it was so thick. ----------"I'm just getting over a cold Erin that' s why you're beating me!" (By the way I usually beat her, because I've been running for over a year, she is just getting back in to it ) --------She replies by saying, "What are talking about Gigi we never race?" " At least I never feel competitive!" "Oh." I cough back a little silly at bringing it up. To be honest though I choke a competition I'm afraid of it and don't want to do it! Though I dream of some day going in a ultramarathon! Just for fun----not the competition----Right?

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