Monday, May 28, 2007

Running Through the Aroma

The phlox are out! 
 The purple, white and blue pastel colours are like running through a dream!

I was running in the deeper part of the woods the other day and was sad to see the trillium are almost finished. 
They were like running through miniature pretty trolls. 
As I thought of them so much alive and running through the aroma. 
I thought... they have such a short time to show off... 
I had to be really careful.

When I was going through the phlox, it smelled better than any perfume I have ever smelled. 
The phlox were waving at me on both sides of the trail---like people at the sidelines of a race. 

The flats are an area that can get very wet when the river widens and floods. 
After the river falls back in its river path, the soil is so black and rich. 


What a gift!
A week ago I ran down the grassy runway. 
My Side View

It was a meadow of strong sturdy dandelions --- I was sure I was going to float away into the heavens.
 Spring is my favorite time of year. It really feels like you can truly breath again.
----until you hit the freeway --which always seems to spring up another interesting wild looking growth. ----I think they call this one garbage.
But when the Phlox are out, I'm sure if you are a freeway runner you'll find them coming up in ditches and covering up the undergrowth!

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