Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Rainbow of Feelings

Blue is the colour that holds the world together.
It's deep and strong and makes the mind feel.
It is an emotion of sorrow, depression and defeat.
Blue comes close to the dark, the dark hole, the pit.
BUT if you move to close to the edge there is black that bites!
Black is strong and beautiful, but sometimes not happy,
only off somewhere lonely waiting for someone to save...
Black is hard to pull out of, just when you think you've climbed it, you slide too deep into it...
Splash a little yellow and green in it and you'll never turn back.
Red is scary, fearful and hot.
Thinking...and too much anger! Fire bubbling up the esophagus.
Everything from emotion to voice is shut up tight!
Until white invades with forgiveness...
Anger is replaced with a burst of frigged flowers flown into the wind.

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