Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time for Hibernation

Well it has been a great week! I ran 5 days and got a nice long run in on saturday! It seems that I have put on 6 lbs though. What a surprise considering I am running so much. This is the thing---I think that since it is september our bodies are going through hibernation. It is our bodies inner clock that is telling us to eat more, and move less. Way back before we had any sort of modern livelihood, there was fire to gather/keep, food to hunt and stock up on. The cold was coming and our bodies were more vulnerable to the cold!! There were not any vaccinations, no toxic foods that came in packages, no pollution, no machinery to give us a break. Just simply the cooooold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We needed the extra weight to keep us healthy and protect us... Now... it is just a thought, but I think in light of everything maybe our bodies will develop a inner something to protect us from hibernation! You know the type of hibernation that a lot of us have!! Sitting in front of the TV/computer, eating packaged toxins and drinking unhealthy strains of pop/plastic tasting bottled water! -----------This is just yet another story for another time!!!!!

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