Monday, September 3, 2007

What a great run after an injury...

I hope I'm not eating my words here! I went for a run yesterday completely pain free. I ran for about an hour and was in bliss. The sky was blue, the temperature was just right and the bugs are fading with summer. There was the sound of the crunching leaves underneath my feet and the smell of fall in the air. I love it! I'm just hoping that the season will change nicely and my pain-free run will not. I ran through woods with the sun peaking through the leaves and then hopped out in the sunned bean field and onto the grass runway. I ran across rivers and followed deer trails and then... My hour was up and it was time to go back home. I really wanted to run longer, because I missed it so much, but I knew it would be pushing it. I won't run for a couple more days so that I can patiently rest the darn thing---but I will be back to watch the next leaf fall!

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