Monday, August 27, 2007

Time off

My last run was two weeks ago until yesturday! I have had this dull pain in the lower shin area. It really started to bother me about two weeks ago. S000... I went on holidays hoping when I came back everything would be fine. It wasn't, because the dull pain turned into more of a jabbing pain. So I took another week off. I ran yesturday and things seem to be doing pretty good. I t was back to the dull pain in the inside of my shin, but it was more tolerable and finally after about a mile disappeared! I GOT SHINSPLINTS! Ok I can handle that, because I really worried it was a stress fracture and my running would be done for awhile! If anybody needs any help for shinsplints go to the runnersworld forum under injuries/shinsplints. There is excellent information on how to nuture shinsplints by soonercowboy! Take care and I'll hopefully be running tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

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