Thursday, July 26, 2007

What to do if you encounter a bear?

Finally I am back to update you on - "What to do if you encounter a bear on your run!" This most likely would refer to people who love to trail run! Trail running is the ultimate of all running and with it can bring plenty of dangers especially if you are not aware! If you are running and encounter signs of a bear, ( Scratches on trees, bear poop, a habitat, cubs etc.) you'll want to get out of that area immediately. Preferably to an open area where there are more people and less wildlife, like a highway or a parking lot. You can surprise a bear, so keep your distance. It is good to make sounds while your in the bush so that bears wont be startled. Run with a partner always and try to keep a chat going. If the bear starts to huff, slap the ground, show his teeth, growl or rush at you. Don't run! Slowly walk backwards from the bear and talk quietly to try to calm the situation. Try to keep direct eye contact. The bear just wants you out of his area, because he feels you are too close and threatened! Bears like to let you know who is boss, if you turn and run away you are showing him that he is boss and then he may act like the dominant species and attack you. It is best to have the bear perceive you as not a threat, but also not weak. If he feels he has intimidated you he could enforce more dominance. Outrunning a bear, out swimming, out climbing are very arduous undertakings. That bear will beat you at every act! If attacked give it every thing you got. Slap, punch and if there are sticks near by use them. I still think going for the nose is a good idea. It would be a good startle! Making lots of noise screaming and kicking! Bears in general like to keep away from people, they hear you and run away. But it is always good to have this knowledge, because a bear can be no teddy bear!

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