Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Run with your Kids!

It took a while getting a new post up! It has been pretty hectic lately with the kids permanently home from school. It actually is great, because we can relax and zone in on one another. I have taken them running with me and they all do so well. Even my three year old. I don't recommend letting a three year old or any child under the age of 7 get into too intensive running. Fun runs are all right check out information http://www.kidsrunning.com/columns/momsjob.html. While my 11 year old runs with me he still needs to have restrictions on running distances. So check out this sight it is well informed if you ever want to involve your kids in runs. We were talking about what to do if you encounter bears on a run or a wild animal of that sort --stay tuned in for next post soon! It's bear country and you may not want to be running bare!!!

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