Friday, June 22, 2007

Running with the Wild

Just to continue what I wrote in my last blog, I'd like to give you a little insight on what to do if you encounter any wild animal while you are in the bush. I'm running constantly in the bush and wondered if I ever would be attacked, so this is very informational for me! Be on the look out for small animals like raccoons, possums, fox or skunks approaching you and acting dopey or strange. Stay back! The animal may be rabid or ill. I also checked into, "What to do if you are approached by a cougar...?" it was interesting, other animals about the same size came under the same category. While you might see wolves or coyotes wander prairies, fields or woods; it would be very rare to see a cougar. Cougars remain elusive and don't like to be seen. Therefore to be approached by a cougar would be rare. (unless of illness) If you are approached by any of these animal I have mentioned, there is a protocol to help keep you safe or even save your life: #1 Raise your arms over your head or grab a stick over your head to try and appear bigger than the animal. #2 Face the animal and do not run or play dead. #3 Retreat slowly and maintain steady eye contact with the animal. #4 If the animal is still approaching, yell and wave your arms, throw rocks or sticks. #5 If your attacked, hit the animal with you fist or stick or even a rock. (I would think that giving it a big punch in the nose should do it, it least make it a little disoriented. It is worth a try!) But...Hopefully this never happens! Their are a few things I should mention. This protocol only refers to the animals I have mentioned above. Even though you may try all of what is said above, things may not work out as planned. So first and foremost know what types of animals are in the area you are running. If it is a secluded area, DO NOT RUN ALONE! Always tell someone where you are running with a detailed map and/or have some form of immediate communication like a cell phone predialed to important numbers. Another important tidbit! If running with a dog, keep your dog leashed! Other animals may find dogs a threat and hence increase the chances of the dog being attacked! I hope you found this helpful... I was just thinking, if you were to run in the bush that inhabited bears what would you do? Hmmm...I'll give you the answer in my next post.

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