Monday, June 18, 2007

Paranoid of the Cougar

It was strange, this was the first time I ran in the woods and was afraid. In the news they reported sighting a cougar in the area. Hmmm, just made me think what would I do if I encountered a cougar or any wild animal of that sort? Now, I know we have coyates and sometimes wild dogs around, but they tend to be afraid of you. They hide or run away. This was a true wild animal that has a nature of attacking when it feels threatend instead of running away. This kind of spooked me. While I was running I thought about stories people talk about, when they thought it would never happen to them!-- "I never thought it would happen to me, but it did!"--- Then that got me really nervous, so I ran out of the woods and onto the runway. "Wide open spaces that 's what I needed!" No, I wasn't hyperventilating. "Was I?" It was time for deep thinking --Oh, I forgot I was still running! Sometimes I might as well be up in the clouds, because when I've got something really heavy on my mind, I tend to forget I'm running. --- OK, if a cougar came up to me and growled or did a very loud meow, I would run so fast -- I actually wouldn't run! I'd still be in the same place and the cougar would be fast approaching and ready to tear into my legs with its razor sharp claws. So I would swat the darn thing across the nose so hard the poor animal would run away like it just lost it's best friend! If this happened in the woods, I'd grab a stick and make loud noises to scare it. If it approached me, I'd start swinging the stick (Trying to bang his nose!) and then scream nasty things. If that still didn't scare the creature ---I'D HEAD FOR THE HILLS!-------------- Stay tooned for my next post when I will tell you the correct way to fend off an approaching wild animal like a cougar.


  1. I was waiting for "part 2 "

    Dave’s Blog - Kitfox flying


  2. No sign of a cougar yet ?

    Neat flying videos..... A true tree top flyer..... you could hire me to do aerial search for your beasty cougar ?


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