Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sound of Silence

I hop out the back door, through the gate onto the soft fluffy grass and tie my last lace on my shoe. I poke the start button on pedometer and I'm off. The wind is still, the branches are heavy and the sun shines just over the eastern sky. It's going to be one of those fabulous spring days. The temperature has been sitting at a constant 30 degrees Celsius for the last couple of days. This morning's temperature is riding on about 22 degrees. I love to run knowing that nature is all around me. I have a path that I follow very diligently, so that I don't run over anything that is alive. Even though I run in my woods, I still feel the nature around me has more rights to this beautiful place than I do. There is one big reason I don't like the sound of silence. I cringe and feel the streak of red go through my gut when I've stepped on a poor creature. What does one do? I will watch quite carefully as I run on the path to save stepping on these little guys. But sometimes my feet are faster that my eyes. I don't doubt what it is, I know it's the innocent snail. The woods can be quiet noisy if you want to call it noisy. "Crunch!"

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