Saturday, June 9, 2007

Running after the Storm

So it was a crisper day than usual and I could actually run the mid-day run! We had a massive storm yesterday that blew that heat and mugginess away. But...along the paths of my trails it left behind a multitude of tree tops and trees! This was the run the horses would of loved. This was a blast of a run! I loved the booting and the kicking away of little branches. I also loved the leaping and jumping over fallen trees and large branches. One hour was almost gone it seemed instantly!!!! While I was running I was thinking back to what my mother used to say when branches came down in wind storms. "Those trees need a good shake, they shake off all the dead branches we can't trim. "----- But what really makes me sad is when the fallen big tree is an OK tree, with OK branches. ----Poor old tree. ----I run my hand down it's scaly trunk and look to see all of the baby trees beside her getting all that new sunlight. Nature truly takes it's course!

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