Friday, June 8, 2007

Running with the Hawk

Today was the day to escape the woods and run the fields. We actually have a 2000 foot runway where not only the planes get to have fun, but so do I when the woods are particularly buggy after a rainy day. I had the pleasure of having an hawk as my audience. And what a pleasure it was!!! The hawk watched me intently going back and forth the runway. The runway is quite nice surrounded with field and woods so there is an extreme amount of wild nature. From plant to animal. There have been coyotes, raccoon, possum,wild dogs, chicken hawks, wild turkeys, turkey vultures and more. Today it was the hawk. It was gorgeous with a white neck and wide tail. He sat in an old dead tree, astute looking and almost like he was guarding me. I felt a huge comfort with him there as though he was protecting me. From what? I don't know---I think from the ravages(stresses) of this world. My run was 50 minutes of peace of a different sort that you get in the woods. I was more exposed to the sun, wind and surroundings. It was maybe a bit like I was flying in the wind, not running. I almost forgot I was running until there hawk uttered his fleeing screech as though to say, "It's time Gigi to get on with you life now, I'll see you around...

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