Monday, June 4, 2007

Running in the Jungle

The rain came pouring down! The leaves and branches of the trees were low and had to be nudged away. I had to get through on the path! The world was a wet and green one. There were mosquitos hissing in my ears and rain pattering on my face. So refreshing because, it was nice to get cooled off. What amazed me were the sounds of the birds. What bird is it that squawks like a monkey in the jungle? Is it a crow? Oh no. The branches blow in the black walnut trees I think their palm trees. Was that a snake slithering around the giant tree? No, it's just a vine thick and aged! It was so hot and sticky, the smell of the air gave an aroma of jungle phobia. --------Oh there is a crocodile creeping in the river! Thank goodness, it's just a floating log that detached from the old willow. I'm sure that was parrot in the tree. Too bad, its just a vulture looking at me... By the time my run was up I felt I was soaking up the a real jungle in my own back yard... It is nice to pretend!

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