Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Can't Find Your Way to Time and Place

Yes it is frustrating you've tried and can't seem to find you space, your away space! And come on your are only asking for 15 minutes of alone time and can't even find that! To make it easier I'm going to pick a time for you and a place. You may keep the place I've found for you as long as you like. I will find 15 minutes for you too. When you think of the perfect new place then just drop me a line. It would be nice to know all the great away places. Eventually you will find a groove in your life where you have found 15 minutes of each day that suits you better. The first things to take away from your life are the time distractions, because they are probably some of the things that put stress in your life. Replace this with away time. I know you have heard this before. But...really do it. For example this is 15 minutes of TV time in the evening! Instead of watching the last half hour of TV, go to bed. Lie alone, but not ready for bed yet and just think. {If you do get ready for bed your bound to go to sleep, which is not a bad thing---But you will have lost your away time.} Think about nothing or something and make sure you do it for 15 minutes. Don't stress on trying to figure out how to tell somebody what you are doing. Just tell them you need 15 minutes of away time every day and this is the best time you can find. Eventually your family will catch on and begin to respect what this time is for you. Make sure you do this every day. So there, now you have found your away place and time. You have tipy-toed your first step on your way to understanding the root toward happiness. Check back and I'll fill you in with more...happiness tips. If you missed what this is all about go back 3 posts!

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  1. You are a wonderful writer and a very intuative person. You listen... you feel... and you write. All that is, goes straight to the heart. That is where you write from. You gave me a glimps of how beautiful you really are.
    Thank you


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