Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Go back now and grab onto that feeling. Don't let go...

Go back now and grab onto that feeling. Don't let go... It is simple, just find space. It is important to find space...Your own space. An away space. A space that you run. You run your own space. A space you call your own... You have this space and you run it raw. What I mean by this is to go find a spot that is not to far away and makes you feel good. This is your space to unload and let yourself truly relax. Make sure that everybody knows that when you are in this space, that you are not to be disturbed. This is your space to honestly get to know yourself. Sit or lie in this space and grab onto a good feeling and don't let it go...Get to know your space. Your own space or away space should remind you of a space you had when you were little. It could be a space made from raw materials. Remember when you hid in a box or under a blanket for hours, because you were sad and you wanted to be alone? This is the kind of space you want to find. It doesn't have to be a box, but you get the idea...Today so many houses are so large that their space is too large and the house has no coziness. You actually can feel lost and lonely. It is hard to find a cozy away spot in a large vaulted room! If you watch children today they will naturally unload and go to their quiet little spots away. They may go underneath the staircase, in their closet, or in the farthest corner of a room. Somewhere down the line of life we as adults have forgotten how to unload and we are lost in all the hype of life. We have forgotten who we are and what we are angry or upset or even happy about! We realize that we are unhappy. This away spot only needs 15 minutes of your time a day. There are no responsibilities for now during this time. Only that you are away...Eventually life will unfold and you will be ready to face life easier. This will be just the beginning of unwrapping your own gift of happiness. I'll let you in on holding onto your gift next post!

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