Monday, January 14, 2008

" Shadow of a Doubt"

" Make peace and forgive yourself and others. "
Shadow of a Doubt
How many times have you heard this phrase? For me It's been plenty. I know by experience, there is strong truth to this.

What does this phrase really mean?

If there is a 'Shadow of a Doubt' that you have not forgiven, life living will not be peaceful and negative thoughts will sit with you forever. These thoughts can change your moods and if they start to pile up --- will ultimately change you as a person. Each time you forgive, you stay true to yourself and feelings of anger, frustration, shame, or sadness fade. We have all heard the saying, "Time heals." Yes... time heals feelings that are true feelings of forgiveness. When you're sad because of a loss, you grieve and than move on. When your sad because you have been betrayed, you don't grieve. Instead you fester over unforgiving thoughts. Unforgiving is like an open sore that never closes.

The more this happens --- the more it festers. ANGER is the result of this and it will grow in the unconscious part of the mind. When this happens... It doesn't matter if it is a good day and the sun is shinning, because you are developing into an unhappy individual.--- You won't be able to get out of the clouds.

Some people blow up easily and some people go quiet and withdraw from the world. Everybody has a different way of displaying the 'pile ups' of 'unforgiveness'. In short the 'unforgiveness' becomes our shadow. Our 'unhappiness' in life walks around confused not knowing why we are not happy!

Everybody has some unhappiness, that is why forgiving is such an important part of being. From the beginning of childhood our parents tell us to forgive. You learn from your siblings that, 'to forgive and forget and move on' is a important part of growing. Did we all forget this as adults?

An example:

Forgive yourself for having chubby legs. Look down at them and see the good in them. At least you have legs that walk.
Or if you are paralyzed, forgive yourself for being paralyzed! Look at what you do have, like the beauty of your surroundings... Nature, family and pets.
You are still alive, so live and don't stop!
If you are having a difficult time forgiving someone. Put yourself in that persons shoes and write down at least 5 reasons why they would of done what they had done.

The Gift of ForgivenessWhen you shine a light in your imagination on the things you need to forgive...Only goodness comes!

Forgive and move on, because happiness is being you!

Most of us have problems forgiving ourselves and others too.

Think of how lucky you are to be alive and able to forgive! You will find eventually forgiveness becomes more automatic.

Remember if there is a " Shadow of a Doubt " that you haven't forgiven---then go ahead forgive, because you know what to do...

Happiness will always follow your way.

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