Sunday, January 6, 2008

What have you done so far?.....................

What have you done so far? Anything? Not yet? ... That's OK--- you have this time now to think of what you really want to change in your life. What is it that you want to change? Big changes can send you over the edge. A tiny change could actually change your life...towards the positive. I have been trying to think of a small change, but it is hard to think.
There are so many big things to change... It sends me to orbit!
Big changes rarely materialize or last. Do it right--- you won't have to fight! OOPS! I've got to go!... I'm off to my "away space" to decide what to change. There is always room for change.
Change directs you closer to the real you.
*Remember you are doing this change for YOU! *
Nobody else matters except for you. Everybody will benefit from you change! Of course we all know why that is... It's because you took another step towards being a HAPPIER YOU!

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