Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Start!

We are rounding to the end of the year 2007! I hope you all had a great year. I bet it has many great stories! Guess what? Next year --- will no doubt--- be an absolutely better year! We tend to think too much of all the things that we didn't do and even compare ourselves to others. It can make you feel very discouraged. So you gallop forward with plans to start new the next year. The mistakes are already written on the wall and are set up to fail. ---Isn't that what happened last year...and the year before... and the year before that, and the year before that... Sit back and relax... Tell yourself you did a GOOD JOB. Sure, there might be some things that you needed to tend to or maybe lots of things you never got to. Some people keep repeating the same mistakes again and again; over and over, year after year! Now is the time to stop and put this yearly habit to a halt. You have to change your perspective on making a New Years Resolution. Think more simply and start with tiny steps to changes. If you keep making overwhelming resolutions, your life will have a difficult time getting better. A popular example being weight loss. Choose only to change one meal instead of your whole diet. You may see results that take a little longer, but you are learning to change slowly. It just becomes easier. Realize that learning is waiting on your doorstep every single day. If something in your life is not working for you---you have change. This can be a very scary word for some, but ultimately a good word. When we change, we are learning. Learning keeps us healthy and we have been doing it since the beginning of our own creations! So lets look at the word change, as more of a good fix and celebrate it. Deliberate (intentional) change is easier if it is small, because it isn't overwhelming and it can actually be fun. Here is an example of a small deliberate change: Tomorrow instead of taking your shower in the morning before you go to work ---take it in the evening just after the supper clean up. (Forget the TV shows) See what happens...! After about a week assess the change. Was it good for you? You are like a scientist! The only way any scientist can figure out the results in their experiments are to assess. Since the change you made was only small you can give it a short term experiment. Although if you are an individual that likes more confirmation or(seeks second opinions) you can take this experiment to a long term. (a couple weeks to a couple of months) BE SURE in the end to assess your results. -------------- THIS REALLY IS AN EXPERIMENT! So you've changed something and you are finding that having a shower in the evenings are much more relaxing than in the mornings. You are able to collect yourself and your thoughts. You are just thinking... and feeling relaxed...there is no rush and no worries. Hey, you found a new AWAY SPACE! You are happy, because you have more time in the morning to talk to your kids and husband. You aren't rushing anymore, your not late anymore! Life has changed for you--- for the good. You just made one change and walked yourself into a little more happiness. You found some new away time and space. A little more happiness came your way. You thought you had done one change, but... you really did two, or maybe three. Even when there is just a small change in your life other changes follow. It is almost like dominoes. It isn't overwhelming and you barely notice it. Change doesn't seem nearly so scary and little changes are harder to fail. It is much easier to focus. The clearest way I can make you see this is to imagine the universe as a great big clock. There are notches and a chain of life that keeps this clock going around and around. Now, imagine the notches slipping into the same old chambers that they always go into. The clock stays the same year after year after year. Now imagine the chambers slightly off in size so that there is never a great fit from where the notches meet the chamber. This gives the clock a slightly unhealthy squeak. Now you--- have changed something so small in your universe like the shower "time" change. You have changed your universe! --- Your universal clock. This great big universal clock would do the usual going around, except now the clock is smoother and the sound that comes out of the clock is a small sounding"hum mm". The change that you have made has shifted the chain slightly so that the notches fall into a new chamber, but one that has a better fit. The chambers are bigger so that your notches fit better. Like a perfect fitting shoe. Life for your universal clock is now smoother and wiser. When you make your New Years Resolution this year make sure you go to your away space and think of just one tiny positive change you could do in your life. YOU WILL SEE WONDERFUL THINGS START TO HAPPEN! This is your homework for the better of life and your happiness. It doesn't seem like much, but the rewards will be huge! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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