Thursday, April 3, 2008

So You Think You've Got It!

It's one of those regular days that pass you by. What were you thinking? There really is more to life you know.
Sitting, you must hear it... The silent voice inside, the voice you think that is making you crazy.'s not. It's truly your BEING be you. It's your BEING begging you to listen. Where have you been all these years? The sooner you listen the quicker you will reach for your own existence instead of somebody else's. Do you want to be happy!! Just let go of yourself and be free... Reach... The mind can make you do something for you!!!EVERY SINGLE DAY.
You might find it hard at first, because the first thing you are going to do is probably do some cleaning up. It may be pleasure to you, but this time grab onto the real pleasure. Go climb a mountain, sit and read in your favourite space, climb a tree! Do the most beautiful thing you can imagine today and the most daring tomorrow. Silently with yourself make a theme day each day. Tomorrow do a lazy activity. Keep going all week and you will have a broad smile developing in and on you all the time. You might just find the world smiling back!!!

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