Thursday, May 29, 2008


I hope you haven't been just walking around looking down and not paying attention...!Spring is here and so full of newness and colour. What a better away to cleanse your system,(YOUR BODY AND MIND) by the end of winter you have the weight of the darkness and cold. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and it's pristine white snow. It can be absolutely exhilarating. I really feel that the cold and winter really do have it's advantages. The cold is a cleanser too just like spring. It cleanses your body out of monotony. Yes, I said "monotony" It is true. When your body gets the same weather day after day after day. Your body gets immune to this weather and feels the urge to "clean house". Cleansing your body and mind. If your body doesn't go through some sort of change in the year, it gets used to living in a certain way and builds up waste that cannot be eliminated. The wastes stay in our body and can even cause diseases!
So living in the south may be superior for you and have you living an optimal life... until your body starts to break down. Why? Because your body has gotten used to the environment and needs more. All of a sudden the environment that was good for you turns and goes back the other way. Not really though, your body is like a train that is always trying to escape a Jesse James and when a Jesse James starts to catch up to where you are... You are in trouble and it is time to get a move on... Trick the old guy or trick the old body. Go for a winter trip for a week in the Alps or just up to the mountains. Things will get back right on track and you will have tricked the evil follower.
So here I live in the western hemisphere of the world and I have the luxury of having four different seasons that act like themselves. 'Summer'... the hot, hot sun...'Fall' watching the falling of early evening and leaves from the trees...'Winter'... windows closed to keep out snow and cold. and now... 'Spring'... springing forward with time and higher temperatures...Spring is up and down and finally settling to a beautiful mostly sunny ending and the beginning of 'Summer'.
Mother always knows best...Mother nature taught her.

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