Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do you know what you are doing?

You should... You wake up every morning to go to work, or stay at home or maybe your at home with your children, or are you going to school.
The most important thing you have to ask yourself is... "Are you happy?" Think about it... Are you doing what you want to do every single day? Because...if your not...What are you living life for?
Do you feel disappointment when you look forward to accomplishing something for that day, but you saw yourself too busy to do it! Maybe you really wanted do some drawing or read your favourite magazine or even just a walk with you best friend. Come on now, don't tell me you didn't have the time!! You do, you have to figure out where it is in the day that you do have time. Think about all those times that you were doing the same old chores or routines over and over and over again. Life is full of that monotony and your face and posture are beginning to show it to the world. How many people can you see walking down a busy street and you could truly label them happy? Why am asking you to answer such a silly question? Well...because you should know how people are feeling. You can feel what happens at a dull party and how it changes when the life of the party walks in. Then... you know how most people are feeling every day. I guess the first give-away would be the smile, then their posture and then eye contact. Hey if they are looking at the ground or stone faced and working...they definitely need a lift. You can easily do that by just smiling and saying, "Hi." Who does it hurt? That positive emotion can do a days transformation!
Here is a tip --- When you are really feeling blue, think blue at the beach and it's nice beautiful water. Blue is an enticing colour, because it is clears your mind. Visualize it wrapping around you for comfort. Just relax and smile think back only to happy thoughts, as soon as a negative thought comes in, dunk it into a clear blue ocean. Think of yourself soaking up the cozy rays of the sun and breathing the beautiful smells of the sea!
Don't ever give up on being happy, because it is there for you to take.

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