Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are You Holding a Good Posture?

Good posture is important while you run, but sometimes It's hard to think about it when you are pounding the pavement and panting away.

Are YOU holding a good posture?

Perfect Form
Imagine a light shinning through the top of your head and the light passing all the way down through your legs to the middle ground. If that light can't pass through because you are hunched over, than you will not be feeling as good as you could be during your learn to run program.

As a beginner runner you may feel your strength starting to wane nearing the end you lose your perfect posture.
  • You may find that you start to slump with your upper body and shoulders.
  • Your back and neck can become tense and shoulders inch up towards your ears.
  • You may even start to tilt your head to one side.
To keep your body in good running alignment
  • make sure that you are conscious of this and think of light passing through your body.
  • When you run, keep your eyes looking straight ahead and your chin level.
  • Lean your torso slightly so that you can feel the momentum of you going forward.
  • Good posture prevents opens the chest so that you can breath better and are not gasping for breath.

Posture and good breathing will make your running easier and keep you improving while you train.

* If you start running with a posture problem, that posture problem becomes a habit that is very difficult to break. So for now, think posture and straighten your back, relax your upper body, shoulders, neck and arms and think about that light passing through your body.

You may be surprised how good you feel!

Oh and by the way, it's probably not a great idea to pound the pavement...Run light on your feet as though you were running barefoot. Running is fun and the type of shoe you run in can make a huge difference with your running form.  These shoes  make a lot of sense, check out what they have say!

If you want to learn about great tips on learning to run and good posture, please sign up!

Stretching and holding a good posture are important parts of  your running program. Runner's Yoga could be very valuable for your learn to run program... Yoga daily will help you today and tomorrow whether you are walking, learning to run, running, training for a marathon or just to so alone as your own fitness program.

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  1. Of course I sat up straighter as I was reading this. Great analogy with the light shining through. Posture is one of those things that seems to be so much easier said than done, but when it boils down to it, it's just not that hard to sit, walk, or run a little straighter.


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