Friday, May 1, 2009

3 Weeks of the Beginners Training - Learn to Run Program

You Are Now Half - Way There

If you started this program 3 weeks ago, then you should be almost finished your 3rd week! You are getting closer to being a runner! The first couple of weeks you had lots of questions!

So any more questions or concerns about...

The Beginners Training Learn to Run Program...I'm here to answer!

Since You are now at the half - way point of the program, I'd like to go back and review what you have done thus far.

First of all...I want to commend all of you for joining the beginner running program and keeping it up. Those of you whom are at the half - way point, congratulations!

This is the pivotal part of the program, because You dipped your toe and got all the way in the "Running My Space River" and now you're half - way across. It makes more sense to go all the way, then turn back. Right?!

Your accomplishments in the end are going to be great.

*Sadly this is the time that most people quit, please don't you be one of them.

Keep Going!

This is what YOU can look back on...


This is the week you 'thought' about starting to 'run'. You learned when to do stretches and practiced them. You became aware of your body, so that you knew what changes took place once you were well into the program. You started planning your available time for the program and you started a small journal to track runs. I gave you an overview of what to expect on the first day. You learned tips on the healthiest ways to eat all the time. We talked about gadgets you can use to track your running and how important it was to get a medical, before you started running.

Week One

This is the week you started the program. Lots of people had good feelings and couldn't wait to start! Some were a little scared they wouldn't be able to do it. Others thought it was too easy. But, you persevered and after the week was over I got lots of e-mails saying that you loved it! We talked about the long term goal and how to get across that river. (Which is the first 6 weeks.) We talked about the good fitness habit that you are learning. We learned why and posture is important. We experienced sore leg muscles and stiffness. We talked about how to stay motivated and keep on going..

Week Two

We discussed more about sore leg muscles, how to relieve pain and what to do about it. I gave you an interesting article on how to handle stress and burn-out while you are doing a training program and how to remedy this. (Rest or slowing down) We talked about how important it is to plan your runs by using a journal.

Week Three

We talked when you miss a work - out session, how not to be hard on yourself and goals and promises to yourself.

So now it is time to look ahead and enjoy yourself! You are doing terrific, because you are half - way there! You do deserve a medal for going this far, because you are going through the hardest now. Go look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself vain recognition.

Do you want to boost your health? When you make sure that they consist of three colors of a vegetable or fruit. Example: Red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

I'll let you in on 'Why?' --- Next Post!

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