Friday, November 13, 2009

How to start running again?

Don't know how to start running again?

Have you ever had it where you've started a running  program and you continue to do it for 3 months to a year and then... 
YOU never go back?

What are the chances of you running again?

Lots of people go through this in the beginning of a new program...and take more than 3 days off and don't know how to start running again.

Even people who have been running, can quit because of life getting in the way and just don't know how to get back into running again!

For example if you love to run and love it passionately, you will have no problems sticking with a running program. But, say you run for another 6 months or even a year,  you may find yourself unchallenged and bored.
All of a sudden you take more than 3 days off and it's harder to get back to running so you eventually quit.

I am a passionate runner, sometimes I train for races and sometimes I just run for the enjoyment. When I take more than 3 days off I don't find it hard to get back, because I've learned a few important tips. 
By mixing up runs and doing other exercises! 
      I'm preventing boredom, over training and even injury!

Here's some great tips to keep running this time!
  • Do a little running on the treadmill.
  • Go for a fun snowy jog..
  • Go for a swim instead and do some running in the pool.
  • Work out on some weights.
  • Buy a new outfit for working out.
  • Run on a different route.
  • Run with different people.
  • Make or join your own running club and have a blast!
  • Go Biking or do another sport or hobby, activity on your rest days.
  • Remember to allow yourself rest days.
  • Make sure you have goals, and only try to accomplish one every two weeks.
  • Slow down or speed up your runs. Challenge yourself...Run the next road or sign.
  • Go for a walk instead and run the last part home.
Then...add some Yoga, stretches, join a fitness club.
The problem with doing the same thing week, after week... after week is it becomes too much of the same thing and you push yourself to do something you don't want to do anymore, maybe because it is too easy or too hard!
You need a change and get creative!

I know we are creatures of habit, but when it comes to exercise make sure you don't lose your passion and keep it fun! So if you are running and loving it right now or doing any fitness program make sure you follow these tips and keep on enjoying it...
*Pay Attention for the nudge that you need change, so that the next time you are taking more than 3 days off you don't end up quitting entirely!

Please leave a comment in the section below and let me know what keeps you motivated!

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