Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Running Strong... But Gaining Weight?

Not happy stepping on the scale. 
Where do those pounds come from?

How do you gain weight
when you run, and run and run?
I'm running strong...
But gaining weight?

I ask myself this question a lot... Why does the weight come on even if I am active and burning calories?

So here I've found 7 reasons You might gain weight even though your running strong

  1.  It's the change of seasons and the days are shorter, running may be the only exercise of the day compared to the warmer temperatures when your out and about and burning more calories.
  2. People tend to snuggle down earlier and snack more in the fall and winter.
  3. Our bodies go through a kind of getting ready for winter and go through a hibernation stage.
  4. Elevated stress from work before the holiday season, having you picking up fast food meals with higher calories.
  5. You sleep more or sleep less and this tips the balance of your body's normal functions and can aggravate cravings for food all through the day.
  6. You crave more foods which contain more carbs and this has you craving more carbs.
  7. Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) - Individuals are negatively affected by the change in seasons from fall to winter and function less efficiently in the winter months. You tend to get tired and forgo going and working out. Leading to depression and eating, hence gaining weight.
Try doing interval training, tempo training and long runs, you will raise your metabolism and get yourself into a new kind of running motivation by running faster. Your metabolism will be your greatest asset once you step it up. Click on this running training link to find out more information!

I have a great program that runners love!
The Training for Beginners with lots of information on running, learning to run properly and losing weight to boot!

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