Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Spring to All

Finally in my neck of the woods we have lots of sunshine and the warmer weather has arrived! Happy Spring to All This is the perfect time to start a new running plan! Grab a calender that you will use for running. Start knocking off the 4 days that you are sure you are able to fit in some running time. Then start your plan... What is your plan anyway? Your plan always reaches you closer to your goals, if your goals are to lose weight, then include this in your plan. Here are some ideas for goals:
  1. Weight loss
  2. Running 5KM without stopping
  3. Running 5KM in under 30min.
  4. Running a 5 or 10 Km race
  5. Running a half marathon or marathon
  6. weight training (core building)
  7. Beginning a Running Program (Please sign up in the margin!)
These are just some of the things you might in include in your goals! Don't let this list overwhelm you, because you only need to pick one goal to start and after about 6 weeks go and work on the next goal. If you are really good at disciplining yourself, work on no more than two at once. When you make your calender make sure that you give yourself days of rest and days for fun! Your program has got to be fun for you or you will not stick with it! So if you are a beginner runner and want to 'learn how to run' sign up!

  Next Post: Are you struggling with your weight? I'm happy to provide you with tips to eliminate that excess baggage. If you exercise all the time and think you are consuming just the right calories, maybe you are consuming the wrong type of calories. 

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