Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Forget Your Measurements!


So...Did you do your measurements and write them down? 
Check out the Fitness Test Waist to Hip Calculator!
This is so important to track while doing the learn to run program!

The fact is your doing this so that it gives you incentive to move forward in your beginner running program.
In 2 weeks time you will be doing those measurements and you don't want to disappoint yourself. This will make you want to work harder at keep up with your goals.

You know... this will be your very own weight loss challenge.

You are the only winner!

I just wanted to send a quick blog, so that you do your measurements!
It only takes a few minutes, because spring is on its way...
You want to start right now so you look smashing!

If you still haven't started running or have stopped, don't worry.

Because...You are human.


Get back on track and walk tomorrow!

Start a new goal today!


Don't forget your measurements!

Go do it NOW!  
Forget how?
Try Using a Tape Measure to track Your Body Measurements
Next Post: Running and Strength Training - More inches to take off!

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