Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waist to Hip Ratio- Another Great Reason to Lose Pounds and Run

Another great reason to lose pounds and run!

With almost 30 to 40% of the world population over weight it only makes sense to get active and stay active.
If your not sure you are over weight try doing a waist to hip ratio - another great reason to lose pounds and run.
Increase in body mass (fat) will put your body under stress, your body won’t know what to do but get sick.
Your grocery stores are full of foods that claim to be healthy, but are just the opposite. You may be unknowingly eating foods that claim are good for you but are not. Sadly this sets your body up for a whole host of health problems.

When you eat something and don't know what all the ingredients are, your body has to figure out what to do with the unknown. Sometimes it doesn't know and this confusion unbalances your body's homeostasis. This could have you running the risk of being overweight or obese.

Don't just expect the food you eat is looking out for your health. The companies that make them are not really concerned about you; they are only concerned about themselves!

Next time you grab for something to eat, ask yourself this.

"Do I know what all the ingredients are?"

Then put it down and try again...

The food we eat may have a lot to do with how your calories are burned, you may be eating foods that say no calories, low calories, no fat etc, etc...

The fact of the matter is we are still fat and not losing weight!

It is time to be conscious of what you put in your body and learn a new method for keeping track!

Waist to Hip Ratio Measurements!

Get back on track and measure your waist and hips.
Having a larger waist than hip ratio will increase your chances of being unhealthy. Particularly heart disease!

When you compare your weight around your middle and your hips you will get a ratio that will determine what effects it will have on your health.
Calculate the ratio by measuring the circumference of the tiniest point of your waist and the widest point around the hips.

Divide ( waist measurement divided by hip measurement )

Studies have shown that ratios above o.9 for men and o.8 for women and waist measurements above 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women will put people in a higher category of health issues!
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Don't stop running and being active, because the benefits are great in boosting your health and getting those measurements down!
Waist to Hip Calculator
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