Thursday, April 29, 2010

When you don't want to go for a run.

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My Focus this post... "When you don't want to go for a run!"

Sometimes life is just too busy to get out there and do the things that you feel you need to do.Then... when the time is right, you just don't feel like doing it anymore. : (

All you want is a little PEACE !
I make my schedule every month, but still things don't always go as planned. I run 4 days a week, but sometimes lose a day because my schedule gets interrupted! This is when I know, if it happens often enough that it is time to redo my schedule.
You can still have your peace when your run! I promise!

The key is to stay committed so that achieving your goals in running are a realistic thought.

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This is your time to just pick up all the pieces and get out there.Imagine what you will look like in 6 months. Even if it means just going for a walk, as long is you are moving forward you will feel good that you tried.

*Remember you are doing this to accomplish goals like;  losing weight, running a race, to feel and look better! Maybe you have a wedding, a family reunion, or joining a team and want to be more fit! This is why you are doing this...If you do it right you are going to feel a passion for your work out. Studies show that it takes 21 days to form a habit, once the habit is there it can still take up to a year to have it down!

 Don't want to go for a run?

 Maybe there is some history behind your whole reason.

Here are the not so good things to watch for:

Over Doing It - Just because you only worked out 2 days last week does not mean that you overdue it this week. Get back on track and follow the proper schedule. (every other day) Don't run longer or faster just follow what you are suppose to do. Some people miss 2 days and go back to the previous week. If you are feeling good about your program proceed to your right week.

Feeling Tired and Weak - Go walk yourself to the mirror and say,  "I am tired!" Sometimes our ego gets in the way and we ignore what our body is trying to tell us. YOU have  your whole life to learn to run, so... there is no hurry!

Making Goals Too Soon - Racing is fun and it really helps you to concentrate on your running program.  If your goal is to race, make sure that it is suitable for you. OR things like stress start to move into the equation and running isn't fun anymore. If you are a beginner runner, it's nice to just get used to running for one or two seasons and then race the next.

The Program is Too Challenging -  We are individuals with different demands and different bodies which give us different strengths and weakness. We don't all  fit in the same category when it comes to starting any program. Make sure the program you choose is not too challenging, on the other hand, an easy program may have you too bored. You may have to tweak you plan just like I did, so that it is made just for you.

Getting Down on Yourself - This is your quest and it is suppose to make you feel better about you, not worse. Always give yourself a pat on the back for just starting this journey!

Exercise in the beginning might feel too hard, but as time goes by it will get easier. You will look better, feel better and really start loving what you have done with yourself!

Here is a great book for the women  who really want to know what running is all about!
The Complete Book of Running for Women
And...Hey if you want to learn to run just sign up...Hopefully I will comfort you while you accomplish your running goals!
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