Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Great Tip for Beginner Runners and Scheduling Your Runs

One of the greatest things about a bathroom mirror is you can write on it and wash it off.
Another great thing is the bathroom mirror is always in our face!

Here is a great tip for beginner runners or any runner scheduling your runs!

Draw 4 squares on your mirror, have them go down the side or across the top. Give yourself a nice healthy check mark when you have completed your work-out for the day!

What will these 4 squares represent for the beginner runner?

Squares on the mirror will help scheduling your runs...
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They will represent your tracked runs in your learn to run program. It won't be the the virtual world or the technological world.
It is all about tracking your work-outs Right In Your Face. You will see it every morning and night. You will know what you have to do and it will remind you to get out there! This will give you motivation to do your best!

How many times do you go to look at yourself in the mirror? Probably enough times to be reminded that you have a schedule that is right there in your face and so simple to track.
Your Run/Walk or Run Schedule

When you're a beginner runner or just coming back from a sedimentary winter...This is a great way to make yourself accountable!
You have 4 days to work-out, each day that you have completed a work-out just give it a check! I make my squares with soap and check each day using easy crayola markers. You can do the same!

So now your Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Weekend work-outs will be easy to see. 4 Checks in the week will make you happy for your accomplishments and ready for you to move on to the next week with a smile. Just erase your checks and start all over again.

*Remember to keep a journal of your runs, so that you can write how you felt and other interesting tidbits.

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