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A Healthy Running Weight Loss Program!

You cannot lose weight if you do not have a healthy weight loss program!

The world around screams at you to go on a diet, spring has sprung and many places are advertising their super great diet plans. You are now getting worried that you don't have a nice enough body to look good. Clothes in the stores are skimpy and tight fitting and you are thinking, there is no way I want to wear that! Oh god and bathing suit season is upon us! Egad!

“Have you ever lost all the weight you wanted and kept it OFF?”

    Do you have this problem?

You go for walks, run or bike and the extra weight you have stays! You may be a beginner runner and have been doing the program for 6 weeks and still your weight hasn't changed. It loves you and wants to stay! You think to yourself, “I have worked out and eaten well, it all just doesn't make sense!”
 (This is my problem, 10pounds of weight that stays glued to me!)

Here is a little bit of the Reason
You may have tried too many times to lose weight, and Your body knows it...So...You have actually trained your body to let the weight stay on you!

A Healthy Running Weight Loss Program
  1. Start by looking at exactly what is going in your mouth. You have to become mindful instead of mindless. Many of us eat because the food is there and completely forget that the food is the problem in losing weight. They become mindless and just eat anything within sight. For example if you where to go to a party you may not even think about what you are eating and overindulge or eat foods that don't do your weight justice. The pounds that were lost are back on and a few more! If you consciously think what is going in your mouth, you become mindful Think of yourself as a baby or your pet. Would you put what you are about to eat in their mouth? 
  2. Think about your stomach and how tight your pants or other clothing are. We sometimes put on colours to camouflage our weight. Try wearing clothes that fit you when you were lighter and show your weight more. This is a perfect reminder not to splurge. It will make you think about what you put in your mouth, because you are feeling uncomfortable already.
  3. Pack your refrigerator with foods from the produce aisles of your grocery store or market. Make sure all the foods are healthy and in direct view. 
  4. Take away foods that cause cravings. When you have cravings, ask yourself how you feel. Are you feeling anxious, worried, nervous, confused or are you really hungry?
  5. Drink water instead of giving into a cravings. If you crave food that are high in sugar/carbs that spill over to extra calories, drink water first to stave off and fool these cravings. This gives your mind that chance to clear feelings and look at choices of a healthier snack. 
  6. Go do a walk or run/walk program. This is great if you are a beginner learning to run so sign up!
  7. Snack with healthy snacks at least 3x a day to keep cravings at bay. When you already have your hunger tamed, you tend to crave less.
  8. Do a  3 day  fast before you start a new eating or diet plan. This will make it easier to change your eating and stick with a good plan. 
  9. Sleep more each night. Studies show that when you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night you crave less foods the next day. Get yourself on a regular daily schedule.
  10. RunningMySpace
     Make sure you eat 3 different veggies a day!
  11. Start a new eating or diet plan while learning to run for weight loss. Change your eating for good!

Lots of people including myself eat process foods that are very confusing to our bodies. Our livers are working over time already trying to cleanse our system and sadly do not have enough time to metabolize all our fat. So fat gets stored...Eating good food on their own is a natural weight loss.

This is an excellent book that you have to read! It will give your weight loss a boost!   Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts
TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

A Good Beginner Runner Program

Jago Holmes Couch to -5K Program

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